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Chi-Huey Wong | Taipei

Chi-Huey Wong (翁啟惠)

Chi-Huey Wong is currently Scripps Family Professor of Chemistry at Research Institute. He is known for his development of new methods for the study of biological glycosylation and the development of carbohydrate-based medicines. His group developed practical chemoenzymatic methods for organic synthesis, with the scope ranging from simple reactions to multistep synthesis of oligosaccharides and homogeneous glycoproteins. His group also developed the first automated and programmable synthesis of oligosaccharides, the glycosylation probes and glycan microarray for analysis of glycan-protein interaction. His work has led to the development of universal influenza vaccines, homogeneous antibodies with optimized effector functions, and broadly protective cancer vaccines using global-series glycans. Dr. Wong received his BS and MS degrees in biochemical sciences from National Taiwan University and Ph.D. in chemistry from MIT with George Whitesides. After one-year postdoctoral research in the Whitesides group, he started his independent career at Texas A&M University where he raised through the ranks. He became Ernest Hahn Professor of Chemistry at Scripps Research in 1989 and President of Academia Sinica in Taiwan from 2006-2016. He has been back to Scripps Research since 2019 with a part-time appointment at Academia Sinica as Distinguished Research Fellow.